Kate here. Meet my friend and colleague, Alyssa Troob.

We have both been through the restrictive, forceful, try this diet then that one, approach to caring for our bodies.

And all we got out of it was less satisfaction, less long-term success, and less trust in ourselves.

But through decades of practice and learning, we've developed a better way to build a body we love to live in, and we teach this to students around the world.

I asked Alyssa to create a Guide that would lead you through her embodied process of learning to nourish yourself, and she delivered...

The Becoming Unbreakable Guide To Nutrition

NOURISH will guide you through:

  • The mindset shift you'll want to make to go from frustrated-with-food to nourished

  • The foundations of food and nourishment, and how to tailor them to yourself

  • How to identify foods that nourish and foods that don't, with an abundance of examples for each

  • Plate ratios to help you learn the skill of building a plate of food that aligns with your goals and fully satisfies you

  • Five days of sample meal plans; use them as a template to get started and as a framework for building your own nourishing meal plans

  • Recipes for 6 of the nourishing meals highlighted in the sample meal plan

  • Guidance for creating structure to help you succeed as you nourish throughout the day (also known as, "how to eat to feel at ease and not like you're being dragged around by your cravings").

  • Tips for meal planning and batch cooking so you don't feel the overwhelm of having to cook

  • This Guide is brought to you as a 51 page, full-color, downloadable PDF.

You could spend countless hours and heaps of energy trying to piece together everything you need to eat well for your goals, to feel satisfied, and to improve your relationship with food...

Or you can get NOURISH: The Becoming Unbreakable Guide To Nutrition for just:


  • Will I have access to the Guide forever?

    Yes. You may download the Guide to your desktop, and also print it out.

  • I don't eat a certain food. Could this Guide still work for me?

    Yes. Because the NOURISH Guide is not about rules and "eat this not that" mentality, but rather about discovering the exact right foods that both make you feel your best & help you achieve your goals, this Guide will assist you even if you avoid certain foods.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept refund requests on this product.

  • Can I get more help if I need it?

    Yes. Both Alyssa and myself work with clients 1-1, so if you decide you'd like further coaching in either of our areas of expertise, you can reach out. We have contact info listed inside the NOURISH dashboard.