Build A Stronger Body That Feels Resilient & Capable

The workouts are simple to follow, will build strength, mobility, and overall feel-goodness in your body. Whether you're experienced at working out or brand new to it, you can do these workouts successfully.

Discover Exactly Which Exercises & Lifestyle Changes Will Help You Be Unbreakable

No cookie-cutter program here! I'm teaching you how to figure out what your body needs through the Six Pillars Assessment. Then I'm teaching you a variety of exercises for each of the Six Pillars, which you'll add to the base workouts I'm providing you. And through the lifestyle experiments I've laid out, you can try any or all of them to customize your life to support your Unbreakable-ness.

Learn Skills That Will Help You Take Amazing Care Of Your Body For The Rest Of Your Life

By following the program, you'll learn a multitude of skills that will you aid you for the rest of your life. You'll learn how to workout safely, how to do a variety of workout exercises, and how to put together a workout so you can do it yourself in the future. And, you'll learn how to experiment with lifestyle changes to further support your Unbreakable body, mind, and spirit.

Here's the nitty-gritty of what's included when you sign up...

  • Assessments for each of the Six Pillars, where you will follow along with me on video as I show you how to do the Assessment. Repeat the Assessments anytime you wish to check how you're doing. It takes about 45 minutes if you do them all in one go, or you can break them up into sections.

  • 2 base workouts + 24 Pillar-specific exercises which you'll inject into your base workouts to customize them. The Pillar-specific exercises progress in difficulty so that you get workouts that will keep you interested and progressing for months. I don't think workout should take up a ton of time, so you can expect these to take 30-60 minutes max.

  • 8 Lifestyle Experiments, with guidance on how to implement them, to help you start making your daily life more supportive of your Unbreakable body. These come on a downloadable worksheet that will guide you through them. And if you decide to attend the monthly calls, we will discuss them in greater detail there.

  • The Knowledge Share Library; these are short videos where I teach you more about fitness, body care, specific exercises, and the 'why' behind it all

  • The option to join 3 monthly group zoom calls with me that will be one part "office hours", where I'll answer your questions about assessing and training, and one part focused on a topic related to the Lifestyle Experiments. Call dates are: May 24, June 21 & July 19 at 5pm ET

  • An easy-to-navigate interface to follow along with the program.

  • High-quality videos for every assessment and exercise, where I am both showing and telling you about the exercise and how to do it.

  • Access to the course for the length of time it should take you to progress through it (3 months), with the option to extend your access further.

Two levels to choose from

Both are a one-time payment. The Aspen Level gives you everything listed above *except* the monthly calls. The Spruce Level includes everything in Aspen, plus the 3 monthly group coaching calls.

Is there a tiny voice in your head telling you that it's not possible for you to become Unbreakable in body, mind, and spirit?

Then read these testimonials from actual students of mine...

“"I feel younger!"”

- Said just two months into our training programing Client

“"I feel more secure in my body." ”

- Said by a client who has rarely ever felt secure in their body

“"The ghost of an athlete seems to be emerging in me!"”

- Said by a client who is 60+ years old

“"I feel more coordinated & connected in my body!"”

- Said by a client who tried to workout in the past but kept getting injured

“"I really never thought I'd feel fit and agile again, but these days I feel better than I felt when I was 30!"”

- Said by a student who is quite a few years past 30 years of age

“"I'm no longer stopping and thinking about my shoulder before I pick things up. I just...pick things up!"”

- Said by a client who was sick of their shoulder hindering their life


  • What equipment do I need for this course?

    You will need resistance bands (with handles and a door stopper that lets you attach your band to a closed door). These are very affordable and can be found on amazon. If you have weights (dumbbells or kettlebells), that is a bonus. If you don't have weights, household objects can be used as weights and I have a video showing you how to do that. A doorway pull-up bar is also a bonus but not required.

  • Can I do this course while doing another workout program?

    The material in this course will take care of your strength and mobility training, so no need to do another workout program to get that in. If you want to do cardio, yoga, or other things because you enjoy them, by all means you may.

  • What is the refund policy?

    My hope is that you know for sure this is the right course for you before you sign up. If within 48 hours of starting you decide this isn't the right course for you, please let me know and I will issue you a full refund. And if you're not sure if this is the right course for you, email me and let's chat!

  • How do I attend the monthly call with you and will there be a recording if I can't make it live?

    Choose the Spruce membership, which includes an invite to each monthly call. And yes, there will be a recording so that if you miss it, you can watch it later. You'll also be able to pre-submit your questions for the "office hours".

Hi, I'm Kate.

Kate Galliett


I remember what a life-changing experience it was for me to go from feeling broken, injured, and fragile... to Unbreakable! For the last 21 years, I've coached thousands of folks to become Unbreakable, too. I earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from Valparaiso University and went on to study a variety of certifications and trainings, all of which helped me curate the holistic approach I take to body care today.