There's a good reason you feel that way.

And it's NOT because you need more meditation practices and deep breaths...

Hi, I'm Kate, and for most of my life I rushed. I was anxious and hurried, and always needing to go faster.

I also experienced several symptoms that, at the time, I didn't think were related

(They were very much related.)

Those symptoms included struggling to get a full breath, having a racing heart, not feeling 'good enough', having chronically cold hands and feet, and being what I call a "super-responder" to mosquito bites, blech!

But all that changed when I finally got to the root cause of the issue that was causing all of these symptoms.

I stopped feeling any need to rush, even when the day was richly scheduled.

I felt in my body, grounded, and present - without having to try to do it.

I felt at ease, able to take a full breath, with no racing heart.

On top of that, I noticed I could now type on the computer without my hands getting frigid cold.

I stopped spending money on thick socks, heated socks, and foot warmers because my feet didn't get cold anymore.

I could survive a mosquito bite without getting huge welts or having the itching make me so uncomfortable I couldn't take it.

In total, over 20 different things improved when I finally addressed the root cause!

To address the root cause your issues, you have to understand the Number One principle your body lives by...

It's called the Signal/Response Principle and it states:

Your body is always responding to the signals it receives. Every day. Until you die.

Your physiology - that’s how your body works - relies on both internal and external cues (these are the signals) to determine how it should operate (these are the responses).

If you don’t actually change the cues (signals) that are telling your physiology to respond with rushing, tension, shallow breathing, and stress...

You can read as many books on slowing down as you like, but you’re not going to make lasting change.

This is why I created the
Stop Rushing & Accomplish More Mini-Course

Stop Rushing & Accomplish More will teach you exactly what to do to address the root cause of your chronic rushing, and the rest of your symptoms that come with it.

Not only that, you'll learn why your body gravitates towards a state of "rushing" and what signals you can send to make your body start responding in a new way.

You'll actually change your physiology and make it your 'new norm' that you feel calm, grounded, and un-rushed.

People just like you have stopped rushing

“I loved the anatomy lesson. It really helped me understand the reasons for everything we did in the movement series. I'm feeling better after just a week of practicing!”


“A month of doing the things you taught and I can say that I definitely feel a big shift inside. I will continue practicing, thank you!”


“I have done tons of yoga breathing practices and thought I just sucked at them. Now I'm seeing that I needed to signal to my system in a different way. After applying what I learned in your course, I've even gone back and done some of my old yoga breathing stuff and it feels much better and more effective now!”


Here's what you get when you sign up for Stop Rushing & Accomplish More:

  • You'll learn why your body gravitates towards a state of "rushing", and how you can reverse that.

  • You'll gain insight into your body's anatomy in an approachable, not-too-science'y way so you can understand why your body responds the way that it does

  • You'll follow along with me as I teach you four foundational exercises that will help you address the root cause of your symptoms

  • You'll have homework to help you practice what you learned in each lesson so that you can build the habit of sending new signals to your body.

  • Your course is delivered to you over 5 video lessons, each 15 minutes or less, that you are welcome to watch one per day, all in one go, or however it suits your fancy.

I've spent thousands of dollars to gain the knowledge I'm teaching you in this course

But you can get Stop Rushing & Accomplish More for just:


Kate Galliett


I remember what a life-changing experience it was for me to go from feeling broken, injured, and fragile... to Unbreakable! For the last 21 years, I've coached over 1000 people to become Unbreakable, too. I earned a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Valparaiso University and went on to study a variety of certifications and trainings in the decades since, all of which helped me curate the holistic approach I take to health and fitness today. I've been teaching clients in a one-on-one setting since 2002, teaching clients online since 2014. When I'm not wearing my coaching hat, I'm still sharing insights and wisdom on my blog, in major publications like LIVESTRONG, on countless podcasts, and in my book, Becoming Unbreakable: How To Build A Body You Love To Live In.

Got a question?

  • I've done Wim Hof, will I learn anything new here?

    Yes, you will learn a lot of new things here. Other breathwork modalities tend to focus on the 'what' of breathing, ie, "in and out quickly" or "in and out while in a cold plunge." This course focuses on the 'how' of breathing, which is necessary for doing the 'what' of breathing most effectively.

  • Will this course really help with my cold hands and feet?

    No program or course should ever guarantee results, since each human is unique and different. What I can do is tell you that I was astounded at how my hands, my feet, my whole body really, changed in how it handled temperatures after doing what I teach in this course for a period of 30 days consistently.

  • Is this course live?

    It is not. I have pre-recorded each video lesson so as to make it the highest quality content I possibly can.

  • How long do I get access to the course for?

    You'll keep access to this course for a period of 1 year after purchase.

  • Don't see your question here?

    Email me at [email protected] to share your question. I'll be happy to answer it!

It's time you stopped rushing and started accomplishing more!