I built this curriculum because I know first-hand how overwhelming it can feel to tackle all the things that go into getting fit and healthy. 

In addition to the workouts and everything else you get in Becoming Unbreakable, you'll also be guided through easy-to-follow lessons on the most important health and fitness practices you need to incorporate into your life.

Each month, we'll focus on a new health and fitness topic and you'll get specific action items to help you implement what you're learning.

Lessons will be multimedia, including short podcasts, worksheets, and a group message board for chatting and asking questions.

Check out the itinerary below...

May-June: Becoming Unbreakable Book Club

We'll read the book and discuss real-world applications for what you're learning.

  • Personalized guidance

    In this small group setting, you'll be able to bring your unique goals and challenges to the table and get my guidance on the best experiments, workouts, health practices, and more to help you achieve them in a timely manner.

  • Accountability

    Having someone checking in with you really makes a world of difference! We'll check in on your progress and challenges at our regular small group calls (using Zoom or similar) and on our non-social media based message board.

  • In-depth learning

    On each call, we'll look at the systems, structures, and processes that make your body work and learn specifically how to make them work better. No science degree required!

July: Short On Time Big On Success Strength Workouts

  • Effort, meet results

    You'll get short but effective workouts that ensure you give the effort and your body gives you the results.

  • Keep it moving

    Each workout will be follow-along so you don't have to spend precious time watching the tutorial, stopping the video, or replaying anything.

  • Get it done, then get outside

    Summer is for getting outdoors. Every workout will get you out the door in 30 minutes or less so you can enjoy the day!