I built this curriculum because I know first-hand how overwhelming it can feel to tackle all the things that go into getting fit and healthy. 

In addition to the workouts and everything else you get in Becoming Unbreakable, you'll also be guided through easy-to-follow lessons on the most important health and fitness practices you need to incorporate into your life.

Each month, we'll focus on a new health and fitness topic and you'll get specific action items to help you implement what you're learning.

Lessons will be multimedia, including short podcasts, worksheets, and a group message board for chatting and asking questions.

Check out the itinerary below...

August - October: Fat Loss

  • August: Food

    Topics include; building a fat-loss focused meal plan, learning which ingredients in packaged foods to watch out for, and how to put together a style of eating that creates effortless fat loss.

  • September: Energy/Metabolism

    Topics include; the crucial impact of blood sugar dysregulation on body fat and health, how to manage blood sugar, and how to exercise to become a better fat-burner.

  • October: Toxins/Detoxification

    Topics include; how to identify and replace toxic products in your life, and practices to support your body's natural detoxification process.

November - December: Health & Fitness Maintenance In A Hectic Season

  • November: Winter Health Survival Guide

    It's not just the holidays that you should be adapting your workouts and health practices for, winter itself requires a shift. This month will cover how to shift workouts, food, sleep, and your home to maintain your health & fitness.

  • December: Stress Response & Restoration

    Topics include; practices for shifting out of 'fight or flight', nutrients for restoration from stress, and anchoring a fitness practice during the hectic holidays.

  • January Preview

    We'll be kicking 2024 off with something we all experience: Aging and how to avoid falling apart just because you're getting older. More details to come as we approach the new year!