I know, you're racking up a laundry list of stuff they call "aging."


Most people don't know that while aging is normal (of course it is!), how most people age is not.

Take my client Jen...

As she hit her 40's, she started noticing more and more aches and pains. And she just wasn't as strong or energized as she used to be.

The laundry list of problems only got longer as she crossed over into her 50's.

Achy joints, a low back that was a constant source of pain, and a consistent feeling of "ugh" at the end of a day at her desk, to name just a few.

On top of that, she had low energy that made it tough to motivate for a workout.

This was NOT the kind of aging Jen wanted to experience.

So, she did what any person would do in this situation - go see various doctors and clinicians to try and get some answers.

But she was only ever given three options...

Go to physio to do the same old exercises she'd done before (which hadn't worked).

Consider surgery which may or may not work.

Or just accept that from here on out, she'd feel like her body was a source of frustration, pain, and disappointment.

Jen was frustrated. Perhaps you can relate?

On top of feeling like her body was limiting her, she was spending a lot of money going to different clinicians, all to get the same old answers all over again.

Then there was the mental and emotional bandwidth she was spending dealing with all of this.

There had to be another option out there...

I introduced Jen to the Number One principle your body lives by and which you must work with if you want to get rid of your aches and pains, build your body, and be youthful - even as you get up there in years.

It's called the Signal/Response Principle and it states:

Your body is always responding to the signals it receives. Every day. Until you die.

That means, the aches, pains, fatigue, and frustration are a RESPONSE to a SIGNAL.

Signals are things you're doing, or things you're not doing, but should be.

Then I taught Jen my signature method to figure out EXACTLY what her body needed to make the Signal/Response Principle work in her favor - and within 3 months her body completely transformed!

Her joints felt like they could actually move freely again.

Her low back pain was gone.

She felt so much stronger and more stable in her body.

And the longer she used my method, the younger she felt.

Jen said to me one day, "I finally feel Unbreakable."

That's why I created the Becoming Unbreakable Workout & Lifestyle Course

My signature method not only helps you discover exactly what your body needs to feel exactly how you want it to feel through my detailed Assessment process, but also teaches you the exact right exercises to address what you find in your Assessment. 

And in your very first week of applying what I teach in my course, you'll start feeling better. 

Really, you will. 

Because all you need to feel better is to give your body what it's telling you it needs.

And in Becoming Unbreakable, I teach you how to figure out what your body needs and then give that to your body.

Youd will get stronger with workouts that actually make you feel better when you're done, not worse.

You'll even become capable of making your own workouts and knowing that they are safe and effective (a crucial skill if you want to maintain your body for the rest of your life.)

And you won't have to think first before doing anything - from getting into an awkward position to pick up something heavy, to saying 'yes' when a friend invites you to do a trail running race with her - because you know your body won't be holding you back.

Even your energy level will improve, ensuring you've got enough energy to get you through your longest days.

It's not just Jen who became Unbreakable

Here are a handful of testimonials from people just like you

“"I love how everything links together in the training. Now I feel more secure in my body." ”

- 30-something year old student

“"The ghost of an athlete seems to be emerging in me!"”

- Said by a client who is 60+ years old

“"The ghost of an athlete seems to be emerging in me! I started out wanting to fix my shoulder, wrist, and back, but now that I've done that, I can actually focus on an athletic goal."”

- 60+ year old student who started out wanting to fix aches and pains in his body

“"I found the 6 initial assessments to be hugely valuable. I was dealing with an injury/recovery scenario with a host of compensatory issues and all the docs I saw said it was my hip strength, but I wasn't seeing any improvement. Using your program to assess different areas pointed out other compensations my body was making that I could not correct just by addressing the issue with the hips. The supporting pillar exercises directly helped to improve my situation."”

- Said by a student who had been to doctors but wasn't getting anywhere

“"I really never thought I'd feel fit and agile again, but these days I feel better than I felt when I was 30!"”

- Student who is quite a few years past 30 years of age

“"I'm no longer stopping and thinking about my shoulder before I pick things up. I just...pick things up!"”

- Student who started due to shoulder aches and pains they wanted to heal

Here's everything you get when you take my Becoming Unbreakable Workout & Lifestyle Course:

  • You'll begin with my thorough Movement Assessment that will show you exactly what you should be focusing on for your body.

    We'll assess each of the Six Pillars of an Unbreakable Body: Strong Feet, Mobile Hips, Strong Glutes, Strong Torso, Mobile Shoulders, & Strong Posture.

    Follow along with me on video as I show you how to do each Assessment and interpret your results. Repeat the Assessments anytime you wish to check how you're doing. Feel awesome knowing you're no longer guessing at what your body needs!

    Value: $700

  • Take the results of your Movement Assessment and match them up with the exact Pillar-specific exercises for what your body needs.

    You'll have 24 Pillar-specific exercises that get into the nooks and crannies to build up whichever Pillars you discovered need the most help.

    Plus, I provide guidance on how to turn these into a workout of their own - or - how to inject them into your strength workout to change it up a bit.

    Value: $700

  • Workout with smart, effective, full body strength & mobility workouts that actually get you fitter, stronger, and more capable!

    You'll follow along with me on video as we do a full body strength and mobility workout as the base of our training each week. A new workout drops each month of the course to keep you excited, engaged, and making progress.

    Value: $300

  • It's like I'm right there with you as you follow along with the high-quality videos I provide for every Assessment and exercise.

    In every video, I am both telling you about the exercise and showing you how to do it.

    Feel at ease knowing you don't have to wonder if you're "doing it right" as you workout.

    Value: $300

  • I'm giving you eight Lifestyle Experiments that will help you tap into health and wellness to support your journey to becoming Unbreakable.

    Along with the Experiments, you'll get my guidance on how to implement them in a special downloadable workbook.

    By doing the Experiments, you'll discover the lifestyle changes that make the biggest impact in helping you become Unbreakable.

    Value: $250

  • I'm here to support you every step of the way.

    If you have a question or ned help, you'll have direct access to me through email.

    And if you decide you want some 1-1 coaching, you'll get discounted rates on sessions.

    Value: $150

  • Short on time? I've got you.

    You'll get a bonus mini-routine that is perfect for days when time is tight but you still want to send good signals to your body so it can make good responses.

    Value: $100

  • Feel confident that you'll be able to get right to work with an easy-to-navigate interface to follow along with the program.

    I've chosen the top learning platform to deliver the course material to you in a smooth and effortless way.

    Value: $60

  • Loving the course and want to keep access to it + get special bonuses?

    After you complete your 3 months of program access that comes with your sign-up, you'll have the option to extend your access further and get member bonuses with my Maple Membership.

    Value: if you remain a member for 6 months, you'll save over $500

And as a bonus for joining:

  • You'll get immediate access to my Knowledge Library

    $500 value

    For when you want to go deeper and understand even more! The Knowledge Library is where I drop bonus deeper-dive educational material to help you on your journey.

    There are several bonus Knowledge Shares in the library...

    From showing you how to get around common challenges with certain exercise techniques, to teaching you how to do cardio as an Unbreakable human, and more!

Total value: $3,560

But you can join today for just
3 payments of $149

I want you to be satisfied.

When you sign up, take the first 3 days to explore around and get started with your Assessment. If in the first 3 days you don't think this course will be helpful to you, simply email me and I'll provide a no questions asked refund.

People just like you are becoming Unbreakable every day!

“Kate is the only person who's been able to provide me with the tools to successfully manage my nagging injuries and pain. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Kate's willingness to take two steps forward and one step back with me. Unlike so many of the PTs I've worked with, she does not give up when everything isn't fixed in a month or your body adjusts to the program in unexpected ways.”


“I've been following the workouts for a bit over a year, and it has significantly improved how my body feels day to day and changed my mindset around exercise. All of the small aches and pains I used to feel during the day (pain between my shoulder blades while sitting at the computer, knee pain while walking, foot pain if I stood for too long) have gradually cleared up. The program has supported my regular climbing and lifting, and helped me run pain free for the first time in 2 years.”


“I tried a bunch of different things to fix my knee pain over the course of about a year - some things would help temporarily but I always wound up very quickly back where I was walking down those steps in pain. My work with Kate has changed all of that. For the last two years I have made consistent progress and am now able to do many of the lifts and movements from competition days, pain-free. Working with Kate has been utterly fantastic.”


Total value: $3,560

Start becoming Unbreakable today for 3 payments of $115

Or save $48 by paying in full now!

Still have questions?

  • When can I start?

    You can enroll as soon as you decide you are ready to become Unbreakable! Students may sign up anytime, and your course materials are accessible as soon as you log in. Your 3 months of enrollment will begin on the date you log in, not the date you enroll.

  • What equipment do I need for this course?

    You will need resistance bands (with handles and a door stopper that lets you attach your band to a closed door). These are very affordable and can be found on amazon. If you have weights (dumbbells or kettlebells), that is a bonus. If you don't have weights, household objects can be used as weights and I have a video showing you how to do that. A doorway pull-up bar is also a bonus but not required.

  • Can I do this course while doing another workout program?

    The material in this course will take care of your strength and mobility training, so no need to do another workout program to get that in. If you want to do cardio, yoga, or other things because you enjoy them, by all means you may.

  • How long do the workouts take?

    I don't think workouts should take up a huge chunk of your time, so I focus on giving you exactly the things you need, with none of the fluff that you don't. Workouts in this course take 30-60 minutes.

  • What is the refund policy?

    My hope is that you know for sure this is the right course for you before you sign up. If within 3 days of starting you decide this isn't the right course for you, please let me know and I will issue you a full refund. And if you're not sure if this is the right course for you, email me and let's chat! support@fitforreallife.com

  • Don't see your question here?

    Send me an email with your question and I'll happily answer it. You can reach me at support@fitforreallife.com

Hi, I'm Kate.

Kate Galliett


I remember what a life-changing experience it was for me to go from feeling broken, injured, and fragile... to Unbreakable! For the last 21 years, I've coached thousands of folks to become Unbreakable, too. I earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from Valparaiso University and went on to study a variety of certifications and trainings, all of which helped me curate the holistic approach I take to body care today.